Tribbett Promoted to Executive Team at Pac/West Communications

Veteran Lobbyist Brings Vision for Growth

WILSONVILLE, Ore. – Pac/West Communications announced Oct. 1, 2019 the promotion of lead lobbyist, government affairs team manager, and accomplished political strategist Ryan Tribbett to the position of Executive Vice President.

Tribbett has been with Pac/West for nearly 12 years and developed both a diverse work portfolio and the reputation as skilled negotiator and influential advocate for his clients. He specializes in construction, labor, and agriculture policy, but as manager of seven Pac/West lobbyists, he has a hand in all the firm’s work in the Capitol and around the state.

“Ryan has been a cornerstone of this company and played a major role in its success,” said Pac/West President Paul Phillips. “He has proven himself to his clients and this company time and again and has a bold vision for what Pac/West can and should be in the years to come”

Tribbett became the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs in 2015 and has been instrumental in Pac/West’s expansion into rural issues, culminating with the opening of a Hermiston office in September. He has led the diverse government affairs team through six full legislative sessions, relying on personal relationships and keen negotiating skills to get the desired results for clients.

“When we’re selling our services, what we’re really selling is our staff,” Tribbett said. “We recruit talented people with all kinds of interests. I help identify their natural talents and provide training to amplify their passions into skillsets and bonafide expertise. That makes our entire team effective for our clients.”

Members of the Government Affairs team say they appreciate Tribbett’s political insights and his focus on training through shared life experience, his personal advocacy, and respect he shows them every day through his actions.


“Ryan has been an advocate for me from the get-go,” said lobbyist Miranda Miller. “He seeks input from everyone on the team and trusts our opinions. It allows us to do our best work knowing he has our backs.”

“Ryan sits down with people on completely opposite ends of the spectrum who are entrenched in their positions, and find a way to hit the reset button,” said lobbyist Phil Scheuers. “He knows how to break down barriers and rebuild shared values and goals into consensus, and that’s a valuable skill.”

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