Patti Gilbert

Financial Associate – Pac/West Communications

Areas of Expertise: Financial management.

Personal Interests: Walking in marathons, spending time with grandkids and volunteering.

Patti Gilbert is in charge of the company’s finances including payroll and full-charge bookkeeping. She is responsible for capturing all time and expenses to ensure accuracy of client invoices. Patti has been with Pac/West since 2002. She provides bookkeeping services for several Pac/West clients on a monthly basis. Patti works with client managers to make sure each project stays on budget. Her extensive background in financial management is an invaluable resource to Pac/West and the clients of Pac/West. She works directly with Paul and Nancy Phillips on financial planning issues. Patti also manages the human resources needs for Pac/West.

Prior to Pac/West, Patti worked for the health care industry as a financial manager. She has implemented consolidation of corporation financial statements, managed accounting departments, and supervised day-to-day operations in her career.

(503) 685-9400