Martin Timothy Wigley – December 20, 1962 to September 7, 2019

Tim Wigley was a man larger than life, with a warm personality and love and wisdom to share with everyone around him. He was truly one of a kind.

Tim passed away Saturday, September 7, after a brief battle with cancer.

He will always be remembered for his leadership. Tim championed causes for the natural resource industries as well as the people who get dirt under their fingernails and splinters in their hands to produce consumer goods. Besides his love for his wife, Melissa, and his family and friends, Tim loved playing music and cheering on his beloved Oklahoma Sooners.

Fresh out of Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Tim jumped into politics working for the Mississippi Republican Party, Mississippi Manufacturers Association and the Republican Party of New Mexico. His passion to our nation’s great natural resources started with a position at the National Coalition for Public Lands and Natural Resources in Pueblo, Colorado. Tim moved to Oregon in 1995, taking a position with Georgia-Pacific and later becoming president of the Oregon Forest Industries Council in 1998.

In 2002, Tim joined Pac/West Communications as executive vice president where he successfully championed for healthy forests, endangered species act reforms, forest management, and conservation initiatives. This included a period where Tim was in Washington DC. After 10 years, he accepted the position of president at the Western Energy Alliance in Denver, Colorado, where he oversaw dramatic growth in our domestic oil and natural gas production as well as increased challenges from the anti-fossil fuel activists. In 2016, he returned to Oklahoma as the president of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association. A little over a year ago, Tim returned to Washington DC to be with Melissa.

“Although Tim moved on to other employment, he remained close to us both personally and professionally and was a major part of our lives for the last 10 years. Everyone who knew Tim knew his kind heart, fun spirit, and deep love for those around him.” – Paul and Nancy Phillips, owners of Pac/West.

A gathering of Tim’s family and friends is tentatively planned in October. We will all miss our cheerful, bald-headed Okie. Rest in peace, Mr. Wigley.


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